Harness the Power of MANY

MANY partners with over 500 practicing professionals, highly experienced staff, and a wealth of resources to provide our members, friends, and partners a variety of options. We do the leg work of finding and carefully choosing these resources which provide a depth of knowledge that is difficult for organizations to achieve on their own. We also provide a substantial discount of 15% for consulting and 10% for training services to our members to make the best resources available even more affordable.

MANY has helped to refine and enhance the organizational and programming practices of hundreds of nonprofits through our consulting services. Our focus is addressing challenging issues, collaboratively working with you and your leadership to find the best path forward, and simultaneously serving as a change agent to affect positive outcomes.

     Our Services

Organizational Assessment

Organizations need to know how they measure up! By completing an organizational assessment, you will be able to take a closer look at each specific area of functioning (including governance, program development, leadership development, collaboration formation etc.), and identify your strengths and challenges as an organization. With this information you will create specific tasks to move you forward to the next stage of organizational development. Organizational assessments are powerful tools for organizations preparing for strategic planning, stabilizing during times of transition, and can serve as an annual check-in evaluation.

When completing an organizational assessment, you will meet with consultants and walk through the organizational assessment tool. In this initial meeting you will determine how the assessment will be used, create a timeline for the project, select stakeholders including staff, board members, and clients to complete the assessment.

  • 6 Hours Onsite Consultation
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Evaluation Report
  • Recommendations For Next Steps
  • Fee: $1,500

Work-Plan Development

The next step after an Organizational Assessment, Work-Plan Development, moves you forward into action, addressing the issues highlighted in the Organizational Assessment. During Work-Plan Development, your consultant will work with you to identify areas of focus, set goals, and plan activities to reach your desired outcomes within your timeframe for evaluation and completion.
  • 3 Hours Of Facilitated Discussion
  • Completed Work Plan
  • Discussion of Next Steps
  • Fee: $550

Proposal Review

Each year organizations and individuals, like you, set out to raise money and support through submitting proposals to funding agencies. Let our team be a part of your development team! At MANY we have over 50 years of experience as proposal writers and reviewers. Bring us your draft proposals and our team will become your team, making recommendations for improving your proposal and ensuring each criteria is fully addressed. This service is a cost effective way for your organization to write your own grant, avoid hiring an expensive outside grant writer, and get that expert feedback to increase your chances for success.
  • Proposal Review
  • Written Recommendations for Improvement
  • Fee: $125/hr


Looking for someone to lead a staff retreat? Run a meeting that brings a group to consensus? MANY will come to you and provide one or more trained facilitators to set an agenda, establish meeting goals, and assist your group in reaching your desired outcomes. At MANY we have a successful track record of working with diverse audiences of all sizes and types. We would love to share our proven facilitation methods with your group for your next planning session, community engagement forum or board development activity.
  • One Pre-Meeting Call
  • 4 Hours of Facilitation
  • Typed Notes from Facilitation
  • Fee: $750/day

Event Planning

Event Planning can be overwhelming and take up hours of staff time. Let MANY put our expertise to use by making us your event planning team. We will provide any level of event support from strategic planning and brainstorming to contracting with service providers and training volunteers. Support we offer includes: 
  • Create a vision and goals.
  • Budget development.
  • Identify and secure space.
  • Hire, train, and supervise staff and volunteers.
  • Program Design (i.e. keynote speakers, workshops speakers, etc.).
  • Create marketing and event materials (i.e. save the date mailer, brochure, etc.).
  • Manage audio visual support.
  • Contract catering.
Event evaluation. Let MANY utilize our long term connections with numerous venders and presenters to get you the highest quality event services as the most affordable rates. Call MANY to create your perfect event!
  • Based on the size and amount of work contracted
  • Fee: $2,500 -$10,000